• Weight 370kg 400kg Marine Small 7.5KW Seawater Treatment Equipment
  • Weight 370kg 400kg Marine Small 7.5KW Seawater Treatment Equipment
Weight 370kg 400kg Marine Small 7.5KW Seawater Treatment Equipment

Weight 370kg 400kg Marine Small 7.5KW Seawater Treatment Equipment

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Place of Origin: Chongqing of China
Brand Name: JUVI

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Name: Sea Water Desalination Power: 7.5, 1.5-7.5KW
Water Yield: 1-25 M3/day Output Water Saltness: <700mg/L
Operation Press: <6.5Mpa Desalination Rate: ≥99.5%
Recovery Rate: 10-32% Voltage: 220V 380V Single Or Three Phase
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370kg Seawater Treatment Equipment


7.5KW Seawater Treatment Equipment


400kg Seawater Treatment Equipment

Product Description

Marine Small Sea Water Desalination Plant Equipment Machine Portable Maker

Model Water Yield Membranes & Vessels Voltage Power Dimensions Weight
m³/d     KW L*W*H kg
JV-FSHB-1 1 1*1 380V 50HZ three phase 1.5 900*440*1500 150
JV-FSHB-2 2 1*1 2.05 900*440*1600 160
JV-FSHB-3 3 1*1 2.05 900*440*1600 160
JV-FSHB-5 5 1*1 2.75 900*440*1600 200
JV-FSHB-10 10 2*2 5.5 1400*700*1900 310
JV-FSHB-15 15 3*3 5.5 1400*700*1900 350
JV-FSHB-20 20 4*4 7.5 1400*700*1900 370
JV-FSHB-25 25 2*2 7.5 1400*700*1900 400

Weight 370kg 400kg Marine Small 7.5KW Seawater Treatment Equipment 0
Inlet water quality requirements

Raw water TDS≤40000 mg/L
Inlet temperature 5~45°C

Small Seawater Desalination series
The small model equipment has been specially designed according to the particularity of ship applications and it has smaller volume, lighter weight, easier to install, and better adaptability. The equipment suits for yacht and fishing vessel and it is easy to operate and maintain. This equipment has high desalination rate, stable performance, high safety and reliability as well as innovative design with rack made of stainless steel, which is rust-proof and anti-corrosion. The current source of equipment can adapt to a wide range of ships and the product water meets the national drinking water standards.
Weight 370kg 400kg Marine Small 7.5KW Seawater Treatment Equipment 1



Common method


The principle of frozen seawater desalination: the triple point of seawater is a special point where the three phases of seawater vapor, liquid and solid coexist and reach equilibrium. If the pressure or temperature deviates from the three-phase point, the balance is broken and the three-phase will automatically tend to one or two phases.


Vacuum freezing seawater desalination is a low-cost desalination method that uses the three-phase principle of seawater as a refrigerant to evaporate and freeze seawater at the same time, and then separate and wash ice crystals to obtain desalinated water. Compared with the distillation method and membrane seawater desalination method, the frozen seawater desalination method has low energy consumption, low corrosion and scaling, simple pretreatment, small equipment investment, and can treat seawater with high salt content. It is an ideal seawater desalination. law.


Freezing method


Freezing method, that is, freezing sea water to freeze it, and the salt is separated while the liquid sea water becomes solid ice.


Both the freezing method and the distillation method have insurmountable drawbacks. The distillation method consumes a lot of energy and produces a lot of scale in the instrument, but the obtained fresh water is not much. The freezing method also consumes a lot of energy, but The fresh water obtained does not taste good and is difficult to use.


Pre-cooling of the frozen seawater desalination process. After the seawater is degassed, it can exchange heat with the concentrated brine and desalinated water discharged from the evaporative crystallizer, and is pre-cooled to near the freezing point of the seawater.


Degassing of frozen seawater desalination process. Because the non-condensable gas dissolved in seawater will be almost completely released under low pressure conditions, and will not be condensed in the condenser.


This will increase the pressure of the system, make the pressure in the evaporative crystallizer higher than the two-phase point pressure, and disrupt the operation. Obviously the reduced pressure degassing method is suitable for this system.


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